Burger King Mocks People Who Can’t Get Burger King

Burger King Mocks People Who Can’t Get Burger King

Burger King is taking provocation to a new level with the French arm of the fast food chain making fun of people who can’t get to a Burger King.

For a month, those who grab one of the burger joint’s burgers in France can take a selfie with their mouth stuffed, which is then posted on outdoor screens around cities which don’t have a Burger King.

The campaign is from ad agency Buzzman, who were also behind Burger King’s hovertrays during the Back to the Future craze, and is called Whopper Provocation.

The press release from the chain even acknowledged the cruelty in the new campaign, saying: “Yes it’s cruel but it’s always good to make fun of others.”

AdWeek has already called the chain a “dick” for taunting people, however noted the brand will no doubt end up with a heap of people chowing down on a Whopper.

Kristina Monllos, AdWeek writer, reckoned the brand has stooped down to the level of Nelson in The Simpsons, declaring a ‘ha ha’ to all those who don’t have Burger King.


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