Optus: The Customer Must Be At The Core Of Every Business

Optus: The Customer Must Be At The Core Of Every Business

The rise of the digital customer is causing a rise of customer expectations according to Optus marketer Emma Jensen.

In the telecommunications industry, there is an increasing focus on keeping customers connected. As a result customers are expecting constant connectivity; as well as an exceptional user experience, 24/7.

However, according to Emma Jensen, director, consumer retention and loyalty at Optus, there is also an increasing trend of customers wanting to switch off from being connected at all times.

“In a world where customers want to be connected, but also have time to themselves, how do brands and organisations continue to be relevant and communicate with customers in a personalised way?” she said.

It seems a balance between personalisation and relevancy is key to getting customer centricity right in a world where brands can no longer afford to be untargeted when talking to their customers.

At Optus, the customer is at the core of the Telco giant’s decision making process and is at the heart of everything they do; a strategy which has seen their NPS (net promoter score) move from negative to positive in the last 12 months.

“It’s really important to consider how you can bring your brand to life through what you’re trying to do with your customers. A key metric for Optus is whether or not we are making decisions to do the right things by our customers.

That is what building a brand of customer centricity is: it’s about customers at the heart of decision making and not being afraid to make the tough calls,” said Emma Jensen.

According to Jensen, at the core of their customer experience strategy is empowering people within the organisation and embedding a culture of customer centricity from top to bottom of the company.

“If you’re trying to develop a brand, you’ve really got to start from the inside of your organisation out. Especially for an organisation like Optus, our people are our brand and it’s at the heart of what we do.

When a culture of customer centricity is embedded into a brand, you can really see really solid business results. You can see employee satisfaction which is key and it becomes an organisation where people want to work and be part of,” she said.

Emma Jensen is one of the many speakers presenting at the Customer Conference at MAD Week this year.

Download the official MAD Week agenda here or register for the Customer conference here

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