It’s B&T’s Celebration Of Adland’s Over 50s! Meet The “M” In BMF, It’s Matthew Melhuish

It’s B&T’s Celebration Of Adland’s Over 50s! Meet The “M” In BMF, It’s Matthew Melhuish

It’s rare that B&T has too many brilliant ideas, but we certainly hit on one with a feature in our last print edition that profiled Aussie adlanders who’ve cracked the half-tonne.

Such was the overwhelming response to our “15 Over 50” profiles we did it all again in the latest issue that should’ve hit agency desks late last week.

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Heading this month’s stellar cast of legendary adlanders who’ve celebrated their 50th birthdays is none other other than BMF founder and Enero CEO, Matthew Melhuish.

Here’s Melhuish’s experiences in his own words:

Paradoxically, I believe the only real way to stay energised and relevant in our industry is to embrace life beyond it. I’ve always had a lot of other activities and interests both personally and professionally. I have served as a board member for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) and for Sydney Festival. They couldn’t have been more different and I found it personally rewarding to serve not-for-profits in this way. I’ve also been the chairman of the Effies and the AFA (which became the Communications Council), giving me a chance to give back to the industry.

It is an industry that has always been fast moving, requiring high levels of drive and intensity. This makes it a great fit for many people, but some folks do start to tire or fade away. Marketing services is an ‘option creator’ and teaches you to be flexible and to add value in lots of different ways. It can serve as both a ‘way station’ or ‘end destination’ and my philosophy is to embrace both by ensuring you always have a new professional challenge, while finding avenues to relieve the pressure. It’s a tricky balance, but worth getting right. Besides, I’m rubbish at golf and hopeless at fishing.

What makes you mad?

Mediocrity in all its forms. Mediocre thinking, mediocre work, mediocre effort, mediocre energy all disappoint me. Luckily, these days I rarely encounter that within our own organisation. In the wider world, bland and blah are too often found everywhere.


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