It’s B&T’s Celebration Of Adland’s Over 50s! Meet Eardrum’s Ralph Van Dijk

It’s B&T’s Celebration Of Adland’s Over 50s! Meet Eardrum’s Ralph Van Dijk

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Ralph Van Dijk co-founded Eardrum in 1990 in London and has since established offices throughout Australasia. He is one of the most awarded radio creatives in the world. As a result, Eardrum is now regarded as the most successful radio and audio agency in the world, creating effective campaigns for multinational brands and their agencies.

“My first job was as an office junior at a small New Zealand ad agency. I was in charge of grocery props for our supermarket client, buying Letraset for the art department and making bromides for the account directors. After a year of that, a career in radio was the glamourous option.

Specialising in all things audio has not only given me enormous creative satisfaction but changes in technology and lifestyle has ensured it’s an area that continues to grow in relevance. It’s hard to know what my fate would have been had I remained in a traditional agency environment. I abhor politics and can only sell-in work I totally believe in. Second thoughts, I do know what my fate would have been.

My greatest professional achievement to date? I’d have to say celebrating Cannes Lions’ 60th anniversary where they invited 10 ‘legends of advertising’ up on to Le Grand Palais stage. I was honoured to stand shoulder to shoulder with many of my heroes such as Sir John Hegarty, Bob Greenberg, David Droga and Dan Wieden. Either that, or making it to B&T’s 15 over 50 list.”

Tell us something that has nothing to do with your role?

“I’m a Dutch Kiwi from London who is obsessed with mid-century design and fanatic about my football teams (Mosman O45s and Liverpool FC). I enjoy nothing more than listening to 70s funk on my 30-year-old turntable and making coffee on my 25-year-old Pavoni. This makes me either a traditionalist, a tight-arse or a wanker. I know what my kids would say.”

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