B&T’s ’30 Under 30’ Is Back For 2015!

B&T’s ’30 Under 30’ Is Back For 2015!

Young people, millennials, Gen Ys; whatever you want to call them they’re too often portrayed as no-good slackers, too busy instragramming to properly maintain their beards.

But that’s all just marketing guff of the media. In fact there are some damn fine young people out there and many work in our very own industry to boot.

And that is why B&T is once again on the lookout for the industry’s exceptional youngsters, as we launch our ’30 Under 30’ hunt for 2015, this year presented by The Newspaper Works.


Yes, it’s recognition of the best young and new talent doing amazing things across the media spectrum. Were you born after 1985? Are you employed in the media/marketing/advertising/PR industries? Do you command respect from colleagues and peers alike? Does your work bring in shedloads of cash to the business? Are you so highly thought of you wear a cape and sword around the office? Then you’re exactly who B&T is looking for.

Save for us coming around to your offices and collecting you up with a monster-sized butterfly net, we want you to enter yourself or someone you know today.

And to do it is so easy. Click here for the full details on what you need to know, the criteria and how to enter yourself or some other young kick-arse employee working in your field.

When that’s all done, an expert panel of judges will peruse the finalists and come up with a definitive final 30 of exceptional people under 30. And then, all thanks to our kind sponsors at The Newspaper Works, we’ll gather at some fancy soiree for a boozy knees-up to announce the winners for 2015 and present that very select few with some kind of a physical award made of hardwearing Perspex that you can laud over all comers.

But none of this excitement will happen unless you enter yourself or someone you know today!

“’30 Under 30’ has fast become one of the most highly-prized recognitions in the industry,” said B&T’s editor in chief, David Hovenden. “There’s some exceptional young talent in our industry and it’s only right to recognise their phenomenal achievements over the past 12 months.

“As an industry we have the duty to bring on, train and acknowledge the new generation who are doing amazing things and ’30 Under 30’ does just that.

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