B&T Sex Survey: 37% Agree Worner-Harrison Affair Consensual & It’s Time To Move On!

B&T Sex Survey: 37% Agree Worner-Harrison Affair Consensual & It’s Time To Move On!

So what do B&T readers think of the whole Amber Harrison-Tim Worner affair fiasco? Well, if B&T’s recent online office sex survey is to be believed than just shy of 37 per cent of you agree it was a consensual relationship and both parties should move on.

Some 750 of you answered B&T’s online office sex poll and when asked the pivotal question of what you thought of the dalliance between the Seven CEO and his now very aggrieved former PA, 38 per cent of you admitted you weren’t even remotely interested!

Fifteen per cent of respondents believed Seven had wronged Harrison and “should pay her out accordingly”, while 11 per cent of you said you thought Harrison “appeared a bit unhinged and Seven had every right to fight her in court”.

For all the survey results, check out the print edition of B&T hitting agency desks this week.

However, it may be a case of “people in glass houses” as survey respondents offered (anonymously, of course) some rather intimate details of their own inter-office romances.

Some 78 per cent of you admitted to having had sex with a workmate at some stage in your career, and a whopping 62.2 per cent had bedded multiple colleagues. Although 15 per cent admitted that steamy night of drunken passion ended “in total embarrassment and we agreed never to speak of it again”. However, 12.6 per cent of you went on to get married!

When it came to the contentious issue of agency land’s practice of hiring good looking people over, say, talented ones, 67 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement. While 66 per cent agreed with the statement that the media/marketing world was far more promiscuous than other industries.

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