B&T Salary Survey: What’s Holding Adland Back From Asking For More Money?

B&T Salary Survey: What’s Holding Adland Back From Asking For More Money?

A lack of confidence and the ‘right’ genitals seem to be the big issues holding media people back from asking for more coin, according to B&T’s salary survey.

Here are the best responses to the question: “What’s The One Thing Holding You Back From Getting More Money?”:

  • Confidence and the culture around it – our head of HR changes the process around asking for pay rises, he decreed that we will no longer be able to ask for a pay review on any day of the year and our pay reviews will no long be tied to our performance review. He was also sure to mention that discussing our pay with any one else as sack-able offence.
  • Lack of balls to ask.
  • Having to spend too much time doing administrative things that are not in my skill set.
  • Working at a start-up and their lame excuse that they don’t have the money. So nothing’s holding me back from looking for a new job.
  • My age and gender is to old for agency world and I was always underpaid and undermined being a female.
  • Perception that because I don’t have a degree, I’m not talented enough to have a higher pay. It’s bullshit – I’ve worked in the industry for eight years as a marketing professional, and I know my stuff.
  • I genuinely think that it is easier for men to approach conversations around money and pay rises. If a woman approaches these conversations, she is often dismissed as being “full of herself”, bossy or selfish. A man would be seen as driven and assertive.
  • Age, experience, shitty finance director more interested in underpaying staff then keeping them happy.
  • Experience and lack of awards. Having been in the industry under two years, I’ve done a good job networking and moving around to gain some wonderful experiences, but at the end of the day still feel at times inexperienced.
  • Confidence. I fell like I lost all my skills in the last 3 years. My current employer does nothing to educate or train staff
  • Asking for it (confidence). We need to train people how to pitch for salary increases when they feel they deserve it. Many people, particularly women, wait to be “recognised” and offered an increase rather than asking for it and reminding the business of their worth.

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