British Politician Calls For “No Gays On TV Before 9pm”

British Politician Calls For “No Gays On TV Before 9pm”

A prominent UK politician has demanded that homosexuals be banned from British TV screens before 9pm.

Jim Wells, a politician for the The Democratic Unionist Party, made the claim on the UK breakfast show Good Morning Britain.

Wells was objecting to same-sex couples dancing on the prime-time show Strictly Come Dancing.

The pollie was interviewed by Piers Morgan who asked what time it was acceptable for gay people to appear on TV screens.

To which Wells replied: “Exactly the same time as the BBC thought two years ago, 9pm.”

Thankfully, Morgan was having none of the politician’s viewpoint and lashed back with: “I think you’re just an old bigoted dinosaur, and you feel challenged because you don’t like the idea of scary gay people around you.”

After Wells claimed that Morgan had insulted him, the interviewer responded: “I’m not insulting you, I’m insulting your bigotry, which is irrational, inconsistent, makes no sense whatsoever, your favourite shows have loads of gay presenters on, there’s a gay judge on Strictly, you think that’s fine but you won’t have two people – who may not even be gay – dancing together.”


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