Brands Posts On Social Media Surged In 2015

Brands Posts On Social Media Surged In 2015

A recent study by social media analytics provider quintly shows brands have ramped up their social media frequency rapidly during 2015. The study found that Facebook post increased 36 per cent, Instagram profiles are growing rapidly and the interaction rate on Instagram is the highest compared to Facebook and Twitter.

The Social Media Benchmarking Study for 2015 analyzed 180,000 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles during the whole year of 2015.

Finding One: Instagram Profiles Growing Fastest
Instagram is still on the rise in terms of the number of users and daily posts. It holds the highest follower growth among the three main social networks.

According to quintly, this finding is driven by the fact that Instagram is still not as saturated as Facebook and Twitter are. A slower growth is considered to be a normal phenomenon when a network matures.

Finding Two: Daily Post Frequency Increased Highest on Facebook
Considering the respective number of post frequencies, daily posts on Facebook increased by 36 per cent. The image based network Instagram has also shown a rising tendency (14 per cent). However, the tweet frequency decreased by 2 per cent.


According to quintly, the strong increase is a sign that Facebook is far from being “dead” and brands still rely heavily on this network.

Alexander Peiniger CEO and co-founder of quintly said: “The findings show that Facebook is far from being dead as reported often during the last year. To the contrary, we revealed in this study that brands increased their own posts by 36 per cent, which is a high rise. Interesting to see will be if this development continues further in the first half of 2016.”

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