Brands Get Giddy With Pluto Flyby Tweets

Brands Get Giddy With Pluto Flyby Tweets

The first images of not-a-planet dwarf planet Pluto has had the Internet in a spin, with brands, as they do for most major events, keen to capitalise on the craze.

On Tuesday, America’s space agency NASA’s spacecraft flew by the dwarf planet after a nine-year journey of more than five billion kilometres, according to the ABC. The first ever pictures of Pluto have been released, and brands took to social media to express their excitement, as well as flog a product or two.

While some brands do make their social media communications relatively relevant to the Pluto Flyby, many food brands turned Pluto into something you can eat.


Probably one of B&T’s favourite tweets about Pluto has been Disney’s take on the matter, as the company owns the rights to the lovable dog character Pluto.


Tinder, the location-based dating app, had its puns at the ready for this moment.


The Google Doodles account got creative with its doodling.


Pluto is finally online.

Pizza Hut UK

The pizza brand turned Pluto into a pizza.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Similarly, doughnut brand Dunkin’ Donuts turned Pluto into a doughnut.

White Castle

Burger joint in the States made Pluto into a burger.

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