Branding Is The Game Changer For Guvera

Branding Is The Game Changer For Guvera

Big brands in Australia and around the world are changing the way they interact with consumers thanks to the award-winning music streaming service Guvera and its revolutionary brand channels.

Guvera’s global director of brand strategy, Max Hegerman, said well-known brands including Virgin Mobile Australia, Goodlife Health Clubs and Priceline Pharmacy have embraced Guvera’s brand platform, which acts as the major draw card for advertising contract renewals.

“Guvera has received strong market confidence with the renewal and extension of popular brands thanks to our ability to engage our members in a uniquely immersive entertainment platform,”Hegerman said.

“The market confidence validates Guvera’s capacity to offer advertisers a valuable place in the mobile space and it highlights the way in which brands really recognise how the power of music can be used to connect with their customers.

“Our brand channels experience high member engagement that benefits the brands while Guvera’s registered members are able to listen to their favourite local or international artists and browse the brand’s content offerings including products, exclusive deals, branded playlists and competitions.

“For instance, Virgin Mobile Australia’s brand channel has close to 10,000 followers with playlists including ‘Branson’s Beats’ and a very popular offer that gives Virgin Mobile users streaming on Guvera a bonus 1GB of data each month, while Priceline Pharmacy’s brand channel has more than 6,000 followers and includes beauty trends, playlists, social media feed and a store locator,” Mr Hegerman said.

David Scribner, Virgin Mobile Australia CEO said: “We’ve had fabulous feedback from our customers. We’re proud to have created a true partnership with Guvera – we really like what they’re doing by shaking things up in the music streaming space in creating something different. The fact that they provide streaming from a brand-funded model so it doesn’t cost [consumers] really appealed to us, and that model gave us the opportunity to create an industry-first with an included data model, so listening to music doesn’t cost consumers their valuable data inclusion. Guvera are leading with insights about what customers actually really want and they’re doing it from a commercial standpoint.”

While Australia’s top brands continue to renew their contracts and grow their presence on Guvera, Hegerman said the brand channels are proving to be just as successful in the global market.

“We are seeing very strong market confidence out of India and the United Arab Emirates with new brands welcoming Guvera’s brand channels and existing brands extending contracts,” he said.

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