UPDATED: Brands Jump On April Fool’s (Some Are Even Good!)

UPDATED: Brands Jump On April Fool’s (Some Are Even Good!)

It’s the one day a year where everyone is looking shifty-eyed at each other, hesitating before entering the building and checking their office chair for the Whoopi cushion some bozo thinks is funny.

And brands too love to have a cheeky play with consumers. So we’ve done the round up of what brands are getting up to this year*.

We’ll be updating it throughout the day as more trickle through. Let us know if we’ve missed any doozies!

UPDATE: 9.30am Monday

Yes, April Fool’s Day has come and gone, but over the weekend we saw a cracker. Adult site PornHub changed its website to be CornHub, producing pun-induced videos of sexual corn.

Check out this screenshot from Mashable below.


Software company encourages inter-office relationships

This hot tip from one of our avid readers – software company Atlassian has made a Tinder-esque app called ‘Teamder’ so employees can browse the intranet and find team members that tickle their fancy. Of course, it’s only to find people to be in your team, not for any funny business.

dating apps based on what kind of burrito you like

Online dating app Zoosk has created a special algorithm to match potential dates based on burritos.


Uber delivering babies

This one’s been making the rounds on the interwebs. Babies seem to be the rage this year, with a PR agency saying it has ugly babies available for hire upon request.

Tough Mudder toys

The first one available in the new line of Tough Mudder toys is the Electroshock Therapy, with 20,000 volts of electricity.

The Bachelor for Seniors

The Bachelor may have been a ratings slam dunk for Network Ten, but News Corp’s Adelaide paper has a story today about a spin-off of the show; The Bachelor for Seniors.

Google’s sock searching

Losing socks in the wash is just a natural phenomenon. But Google wants to help, and is teaming up with retailers to launch ‘Searchable Socks’.

socks google_aprilfools

Virgin Australia’s Kids’ Class cabin

Virgin Aus_AprilFools

Ray white sells luxury kennel for $1.25 million

cute animals and ugly babies for hire

PR agency Access PR says it’s launched a new division of the agency all about hiring cute puppies, kittens, babies and bunnies for special events. Ugly babies available on request too.

Baby crying

Alcohol Delivery via Live Camel

If you thought people bringing alcohol to your house was superb, this alcohol chain has gone one step further this April Fool’s to deliver booze via live camel.

Lindt’s broccoli balls

Enough said.


krispy kreme’s 3d doughnut printer

This is one we wish was real. Although our guts probably wouldn’t thank us for it after. And all for the cool price of $8,990.

Krispy Kreme 3Doughnut Printer

Helping out the world’s billionaires

Charity organisation Live Below the Line this year has taken pity on the billionaires of the world and launched a new campaign called Live Above the Line.

“Since 2010, Live Below the Line has encouraged over 45,000 Australians to eat on $2 a day for five days,” the website says.

“But this year, we’re asking those same Australians to take a new challenge: eat on less than $10,000 a day for five days, to raise funds and awareness for those living above the poverty line. We’re calling it Live Above the Line, and we’re doing it because wealthy people deserve their own fundraising campaign, too.”


wifi signals from toilet holders

Ikea Australia has ramped up its gags this year with the product innovation of a toilet brush holder that doubles as a wifi-signal booster.


Edible children’s bricks

Does your kid hate having to stop playing to eat? Well Weet-bix is feeling your pain so for April Fool’s has made its bix into bricks.

weet bix_Aprilfools

OpenTable’s Lick the perfect dish

This prank campaign calls for smartphone users to lick their phone to try a dish.

OpenTable Taste Technology - Android

Contiki’s travel with virtual reality

Virtual reality is all the rage, so with tongue firmly planted in cheek, travel brand Contiki has launched a video of how customers don’t need to fork out coin for expensive flights. Instead they could experience it all via virtual reality!

*We’re pretty sure these are all jokes…

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