Bonds Undies In Hottie Mess After Brand Threatens To Sue

Bonds Undies In Hottie Mess After Brand Threatens To Sue

A lingerie brand Hottie is threatening to sue Australian underwear company Bonds for using the word ‘hottie’ in its new range.

Sirie Palmos, the founder of lingerie brand Hottie says her company has owned the trademark for the word and brand ‘Hottie’ in Australia and New Zealand for the past decade.

Palmos is claiming that the latest campaign which celebrated Bond’s 100th anniversary featuring Iggy Azalea, caused irreversible damage to the Hottie brand. Bond’s Hottie range included the ‘Boyfriend Hottie’ and ‘Hipster Hottie’ styles which were sold in Bonds stores as well as department stores.


“The repetitive reinforcement of branding by Pacific Brands and their retailers make it virtually impossible for Hottie to re-establish itself as the original maker of Hottie branded underwear.

“The established reputation and sheer size of Bonds and the manner in which it is bolstered by the largest clothing retailers in Australia make unilateral marketing by Hottie … less effective, if not un-achievable,” Palmos said in a statement.

Bond’s website has changed the word ‘Hottie’ to ‘Hot’ styles. Bond’s retailers, including David Jones, have also removed references to the word ‘Hottie’ on Bonds products.

Palmos has previously sued Boost Juice for naming its winter drinks ‘Hotties’.

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