Bonds Goes All ‘Mad Max’ In Stunning New Work From Leos Melbourne

Bonds Goes All ‘Mad Max’ In Stunning New Work From Leos Melbourne

Bonds have pushed further into the fashion space in their latest campaign via Leo Burnett Melbourne. It marks the launch of the new Bonds Originals underwear range.

For the Originals range, the brand has leveraged its heritage to create an iconic platform and carve a refreshed purpose for the brand moving forward.

Marketing manager for Bonds, Michelle Taylor, said, “The products are modern, Aussie designed essentials, and with the name Originals, this launch felt like the perfect time to bring back our original tagline, Gotta be Bonds, and breathe some new life into it.”

The campaign pays homage to the all-too-familiar summer days when it’s so hot you’ve just got to lounge around in your undies.

Jason Williams, CCO at Leo Burnett, “We wanted to take Bonds somewhere completely different to where they’ve been playing, while anchoring them in their roots as an iconic Australian brand. Fashion with a bit of Aussie tongue in cheek. Fashion that doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

To do this, they took an Australian fashion director, photographer and a propeller plane full of crew to arguably the hottest place in the world – the middle of the outback. A remote location where the mercury gets so high, most of the residents have to live underground.

Directed by Gracie Otto, the film tells of a small desert town where it’s too hot for anyone to wear clothes, or do much at all. It was filmed in iconic Coober Pedy, where the only things more incredible than the landscape are the locals – who also happen to make an appearance throughout the spot in their Bonds.

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