BMF Unveils Latest Work For BPAY’s Osko 60-Second Money Transfers

BMF Unveils Latest Work For BPAY’s Osko 60-Second Money Transfers

Millions of money transfers take place every day for millions of different reasons, whether it’s for paying rent, splitting a cab or paying a mate back for picking up the bill at dinner.

But how can it be, that in 2018, we often still have to wait days for the money to hit our account? 

Thankfully, this is a thing of the past. Now you can enjoy fast transfers between over 60 participating banks, 24 hours a day, any day of the week in under a minute.

The campaign is in the process of rolling out across TV, Cinema, OOH, digital, social and Website, introduces us to Osko, a brand that does amazing little things that will make a big difference, every day. 

This campaign was the work of a team of agencies, the BPAY Group marketing team and a group of 12 key marketers from participating banks.  This unique group worked collaboratively with the common goal of driving awareness and usage with a campaign that would resonate with customers across the different banks, with each offering a tailored experience to suit the needs of their customers. 

Renee Amor, general marketing manager, BPAY Group said: “The luxury of building an industry-wide brand, with ubiquitous distribution through over 60 online banking environments, is one that comes along rarely in a marketing career. Working in a collaborative fashion with representatives across the Financial Services industry has helped ensure the long-term brand and marketing strategy will resonate with our shared customer segments.

“This campaign is a fabulous result of a solid marketing strategy built on the simplicity of helping people move their own money, fast. I can’t wait to see where we go from here as the product continues to evolve. Open and transparent ways of working, particularly with BMF as our long-term lead brand and strategy agency, has produced the goods,” said Renee Amor, General Marketing Manager, BPAY Group.

BPAY Group worked closely with BMF as the key brand and strategy agency, IKON Media, Hotwire  and Adrenalin Media to deliver this integrated campaign.

The campaign even brought on Instagram phenomenon Celeste Barber to lend her unmistakable voice to the campaign in her Facebook and Instagram stories, paying her to let Aussies know that now they can pay people in under a minute.

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