BMF Launch Campaign For BPay’s New Bill Paying Platform

BMF Launch Campaign For BPay’s New Bill Paying Platform

Sometimes we hold off paying our bills until ‘later’. But life gets in the way and ‘later’ becomes late. BPAY created Scheduler to help make the management of payments easier, giving you complete control over your payments.

Based on the insight that everyone has a different way of managing their finances, Scheduler gives you the option of choosing to pay now or scheduling to pay closer to the due date, without relying simply on good memory. Those who rather pay later than sooner, are always at risk of a late payment should they forget the due date.


With the claim, “You can’t perfectly time everything. But you can perfectly time your bills,” BMF has created an outdoor, print and digital campaign that goes live today and will run nationally.

Warren Brown, BMF creative founder said: “When it comes to the timing of events that shape our lives we’re all usually less than perfect. This led us to discover a creative way to get noticed and ensure the message from BPAY was understood. After all we don’t like paying bills too early, or too late, incurring late payment fees, but given the opportunity to pay them bang on time and the peace of mind that would give you, made the idea of scheduling your bill payments with BPAY an absolute godsend.”


Christina Aventi, BMF executive planning director added: “The notion of ‘perfect timing’ is not just a fun thing for BPAY Scheduler to attach itself too but meaningful and entirely true to what the feature delivers. People don’t want to think about bills but this campaign makes them take notice and offers some levity in a world of grudge.”

Louise Genge, BPAY head of marketing added: “We wanted to remind people how easy and relevant BPAY is and to what extent it can actually help manage payments. The campaign delivers the message of perfectly timing your bills in a noticeable, relevant and humourous way.”

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