Blogger Shane Dowling Jailed For Falsely Naming Tim Worner’s Alleged Lovers

Blogger Shane Dowling Jailed For Falsely Naming Tim Worner’s Alleged Lovers

A rogue blogger who named the two women accused of having affairs with Network Seven boss Tim Worner has this morning been jailed for four months for contempt of court.

The blogger, Shane Dowling, named the two women publicly after he published court documents on his website

Handing down the sentence in the NSW Supreme Court today Justice Ian Harrison said Dowling had “flagrantly” and “enthusiastically” breached the court orders not to have the names published.

Dowling had already been found guilty of contempt back in March 15. He will be released from prison in December.

The women, both on-air personalities at Seven, were named in court documents during the height of the legal battle between Worner and his former lover Amber Harrison. Both women denied having affairs with Worner. Harrison herself refused to back down from the allegations but did publicly apologise for the hurt caused to the two women.

Fairfax Media has today reported that Justice Harrison said Dowling’s “enthusiasm for the cause as he perceives it borders on obsession” but he was “nonetheless to my observation a man of some intelligence who doubtless appreciates the proper legal foundation for his contempt.

“It is regrettable that his written protestations elide self-righteous indignation with innocence.

“It is a further available conclusion that he seeks to draw attention to his defiance of the court orders, as a way to gain sympathy and notoriety or simply public attention, which he apparently perceives as being a benefit to him, perhaps because he considers it will increase his public profile,” Justice Harrison said.

Dowling tweeted the news out just hours ago:


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