Big year for Aussie Tweeters

Big year for Aussie Tweeters

When Kevin Rudd asked why Australians don’t vote, and one person tweeted they wouldn’t vote for him because he wasn’t following them on Twitter, Rudd hit back with “@beckbyrne just did. Now get out there and vote. KRudd”.

This year was a big year for Twitter politics, with many Aussies tweeting about the election, their feelings on it, as well as campaigning, commiserations and congratulations.

Abbott’s little dog also donned a supportive Abbott t-shirt and Abbott made sure all his Twitter followers saw it.

While politics were popular within the Australian Twitter realm, the Australian event that created the biggest spike in Twitter conversation was when Dami Im was crowned the Australian X-factor winner.

Politics weren’t the only big thing on Twitter this year as Aussies kept up the sport-enthused stereotype with some of the top sport trends relating to the #Ashes, #Origin, #AusOpen and #MelbourneCup.

Politics were still on our minds when we took to TV as well with Q and A grabbing the number one trending spot. In TV, the top ten Twitter trends were:

  1. #QandA
  2. #BBAU
  3. #MKR
  4. #logies
  5. #thebachelorau
  6. #insiders
  7. #60mins
  8. #xfactorau
  9. #NYEon9
  10. #Oscars2013     

There were also many global events which captured the attention of us Aussies, with the #RoyalBaby topping the top ten.

Twitter was a big year for prominent figures joining its ranks.

  1. Warren Buffett (@WarrenBuffett), businessman (US)
  2. Gerard Butler (@GerardButler), actor (UK)
  3. Hillary Clinton, (@HillaryClinton), politician (US)
  4. Bill Clinton (@billclinton), former president (US)
  5. Tim Cook (@tim_cook), Apple CEO (US)  
  6. Cameron Diaz (@CameronDiaz), actress (US)
  7. Roger Federer (@rogerfederer), tennis player (Switzerland)
  8. Luis Figo (@LuisFigo), footballer (Portugal)
  9. Paul Gascoigne (@gazzaofficial), former footballer (UK) 
  10. Sarah Michelle Gellar (@SarahMichelleGG), actress (US)
  11. Justine Greening (@JustineGreening), MP (UK)
  12. Liam Hemsworth (@LiamHemsworth), actor (AUS)
  13. Katie Holmes (@KatieHolmes212), actress (US)
  14. Hugh Laurie (@hughlaurie), actor (UK)
  15. Manchester United FC (@ManUtd), football club (UK)
  16. George Osborne (@George_Osborne), Chancellor of the Exchequer (UK)
  17. Sarah Jessica Parker (@SJP), actress (US) 
  18. Philip Pullman (@PhilipPullman), author (UK)
  19. Monty Python (@MontyPython), comedians (UK)
  20. Emma Rigby (@DameRigby), actress (UK)
  21. Maria Sharapova (@MariaSharapova), tennis player (Russia)
  22. Zoe Wanamaker (@ZoeWanamaker), actress (UK)
  23. Dominic West (@DominicWest), actor (UK)
  24. Robin Williams (@robinwilliams), actor (US) 
  25. Samantha Womack (@Sam_Womack), actress (UK)
  26. Ronnie Wood (@ronniewood), Rolling Stones frontman (UK)
  27. Jaime Winstone (@JWinstone), actress (UK)
  28. Prince Andrew, Duke of York (@TheDukeOfYork), royal family (UK)


Twitter has been a popular social media tool this year, and is still continuing is popularity amongst us Aussies. Who knows what will happen next year.

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