The Best/Worst Of Donald Trump Turned Into Facebook Messenger Bot

The Best/Worst Of Donald Trump Turned Into Facebook Messenger Bot

An American ad agency SS+K and messaging bot platform Dexter, have created a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Facebook Messenger Bot which makes light of GOP nominee Donald J. Trump presidential campaign and quotes.

BFF Trump allows users to have a “conversation” with Trump through Messenger, asking him his opinions on topics such as Muslims, African Americans, immigration, women, etc. The Facebook Trump will deliver images and quotes from social media, such as “Crooked Hillary wants a radical 500% increase in Syrian refugees. We can’t allow this. Time to get smart and protect America!” or “I happen to be a clean-hands freak. I feel much better after I thoroughly wash my hands, which I do as often as possible.”

Unlike other Facebook Messenger – Pizza Hut’s pizza order and National Geographic T-Rex- you can’t actually ask questions to the bot by typing. Instead you respond to BFF Trump’s posts from a selection of buttons, such as ‘More on ‘…’, ‘What else you got?’ and ‘Really?’

The ‘Really?’ button links to a news item proving that Trump did indeed say:”The protesters in New Mexico were thugs who were flying the Mexican flag. The rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside, criminals!” When you click ‘Really?’ you’re sent a Trump tweet:

“With BFF Trump, we explored how to use an emerging technology to connect with the younger voters, to point a strong light on the hateful rhetoric that Trump spews and to motivate people to get out and take action this fall,” said svp of digital strategy and innovation Kevin Skobac.

Creative and senior strategist Claudia Cukrov added, “With a candidate like Trump, it’s almost impossible to keep track of his position on anything. BFF Trump gives users an opportunity to navigate the madness in a space and format the audience knows all too well.”


Agency: SS+K
Kevin Skobac: SVP, Digital Strategy + Innovation
Claudia Cukrov: Creative, Senior Strategist
John Swartz: SVP, Director of Production + Innovation
Craig von Wiederhold: Senior Producer
Chris Berger: Senior Producer
Paul Malloy: Research
Jesse Raker: Design Director
Caroline O’Toole: Designer

Brendan Bilko: Head of Product, Dexter
David Hu: VP of Engineering, Dexter

James Cooper: Head of Creative, Betaworks

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