Bert Newton Apologises For Logies “Poof” Gag

Bert Newton Apologises For Logies “Poof” Gag

TV veteran Bert Newton has apologised after he used the word “poof” in a speech during Sunday night’s Logie Awards.

The 79-year-old issued the apology to waiting media at Gold Coast’s airport before he flew back to Melbourne following his controversial appearance the evening before.

However, the apology didn’t appear entirely sincere. “If I did offend anyone, I apologise. But I can’t promise I wouldn’t do it again,’ he told the media pack.

“I never set out to offend anybody, and I think it’s well known in the industry that I don’t prepare material… I just go for it. If I did offend somebody, or anybody – or a lot of people – I apologise. But I can’t promise I wouldn’t do it again, because it’s the way I work. But then again, I may never work again,” he said.

Newton was presenting the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent when he told the audience, “There are many faces that I know from the screen but don’t know them personally. You might feel the same way? You know, ‘where’s this old poof come from?”

Newton later said: “I thought it went very well until after the show when I looked at comments on social media.”

However, the comment was largely criticised namely because it was uttered during family viewing time and it was made at a TV event that is well known for promoting LGBTIQ staff and personalities.

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