‘Beach Body Ready’ Ads Bitch-Slapped Again In The US

‘Beach Body Ready’ Ads Bitch-Slapped Again In The US

The ads made global headlines when they were plastered around the London Underground, and now Protein World’s controversial poster is copping a similar amount of flak over in the States.

The ad features bikini-clad Aussie model Renee Somerfield upon a yellow background with the question ‘are you beach body ready?’

The ads drew a virtual bitch-slap from social media to Protein World, with many users condemning the company for suggesting women need to look like that in order to be ‘beach body ready’.

This time in the States the ad, which from social media appears to be up in Times Square and throughout New York City, has drawn similar criticism.

One group of campaigners has even started covering up the ads with stickers of women football team jerseys ahead of the World Cup final.

Image via The Telegraph.

Image via The Telegraph.

The Telegraph in the UK has started its own poll to see what its readers think. As of 10am this morning, the poll showed 65 per cent of the 14,390 readers who voted didn’t think the ad was a big deal.

Aside from the ads themselves, the reaction from Protein World also helped write the headlines. During the initial campaign in the UK the protein company told one commuter to “grow some balls” in one tweet, and claiming Britain was a nation of “sympathisers for fatties” in another.

Screen-Shot-2015-04-27-at-1.50.13-PM Screen-Shot-2015-04-27-at-1.36.03-PM

The ads were removed from the London Underground after a few weeks, however that was apparently due to it being the end of the campaign, rather than pressure from the public.

Last week the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority ruled the ads weren’t offensive or objectifying women.

Aside from blowing up social media, the ads also sparked numerous parodies, such as this one from beer brand Carlsberg and beauty brand Dove.


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