BBC Kids Program Accused Of ‘ISIS-Style’ Beheading Of Egg

BBC Kids Program Accused Of ‘ISIS-Style’ Beheading Of Egg

A BBC children’s program The Ooglies has been accused of encouraging  “ISIS-style” violence after a clip of a piece of radicalised toast ‘beheading’ an egg appeared on the program.

The Ooglies is a stop-motion animated children’s television series produced by BBC Scotland for CBBC (Children’s BBC). During the program a piece of toast ‘soldier’ smeared in red jam throws an exploding grape that blows up his enemy. Then the piece of toast chops of the animated egg’s head.

WARNING graphic egg murder:

The clip has been criticised by mother Angela Halliwell, 35, from South London believes: “Kids could think extreme violence like beheading is normal.” Halliwell has complained to the British TV communications regulator Ofcom.

The violent egg murder has been available since April 2012, it is still available on CBBC iPlayer. The CBBC has no plans of removing the clip.

A spokesperson for the BBC told “OOglies is a popular slapstick comedy series that depicts all sorts of food getting into scrapes with each other. This clip involving a boiled egg and toast is no different and we would be surprised if our audiences read anything more into it.”

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