Tony Sepentulevski

I would like to think of my role as one that reaches beyond simply being a web developer. This is because I believe that merely having an isolated role as a web developer is not enough to meet the needs of today’s market. We seem to be flooded with ‘freelancer this’ and, ‘outsourcing that’ which isn't the direction that I think any company or individual should be taking for a long-term and sustained solution. I would like to believe that what people are after in today’s market is based on achieving a web solution as a whole, over any other potential short term goals. I see myself as someone who genuinely takes interest in the greater process. This means not taking a simple approach of receiving a set brief, developing a project and sending an invoice. The process should be a lot more involved. My preferred type of project is one where I get to familiarise myself with the problem at hand, get to know the individual or company, and immerse myself in how they operate in order to be confident in the project scope. Only then can I attempt to propose a solution that will hopefully work for everyone involved. Taking this approach not only shows my client that the solution is based on understanding the problem at a comprehensive level and it is tailored to their goals but it also allows me to grow as a developer. I am aware and welcome the fact that the more contact I have with the broad spectrum of industries, the more I will learn from them and broaden my knowledge. This is what I truly believe is required in order to succeed not only within this industry but also as an individual who loves continuous self-growth.

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