Peter Krutop

My experience has mainly been in the Regional Television scene. It's amazing what you can make happen when you want to: Grand Final OBs, Race Meetings, V8 Supercar coverage...News Bulletins and Sport Shows. Late 80's, early 90's... I did a "stint" in Adelaide back in 1995-96 as an On-line Editor on various TV programs and the original McLeod's Daughters mini series. I have also been lucky enough to work through the transition from "Tape to tape" to "Non-linear" editing, it gives you a different perspective of how to go about projects. Right now, I enjoy working with clients that are open to having somebody 'manage' their marketing. I'm currently working with several clients (varied business/company sizes) in developing 1-2-5 year plans for their marketing and delivering projects that meet client expectations. Specialties: Being able to work closely with clients to set goals in marketing and then achieve them.

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