Monika de la Rosa

Hi! My name is Monika, with a "k.” Like a kangaroo. And just like the powerful animal, I recently packed a few things in a small pouch and took a big jump, moving from the States to Australia. Why? I’m adventurous. And cowboy hats aren’t really my style. Thankfully, advertising is my style and I’ve come locked and loaded with a unique set of skills you probably won’t find in anyone else. True story. I have: • 10 years advertising/marketing experience on worldwide brands at award-winning agencies • 33 years experience at being awesome • Won two Cannes Grand Prix awards for Chipotle's "Cultivate" Campaign and “Back to the Start” film • Created a digital reality series for George Dickel • Made a brand film for the worldwide launch of Mattel’s Max Steel franchise • Launched Mitchum’s social media search for “The Hardest Working Person In America" • Extreme dance move capabilities • Lover of dogs, branded entertainment and all things creative • Undeniable passion and relentless energy to work with the incredible Holler team.

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