Matthew Lee

Matthew worked with Shed Social since its inception in March 2015, assisting in starting up the organisation and developing social media and marketing programs. He moved to Shed Social from Shed Enterprises where he developed extensive knowledge and skills in the business and financial services industry. From this position, he moved into a Public Relations role at Shed Media, being the first staff member to move between all three organisations in the Shed conglomerate. In 2011, Matthew undertook the undergraduate course Information Technology at Macquarie University, successfully completing the first year of that degree. Deferring his study, Matthew joined Shed Enterprises in 2012 on a full time basis, after working part time with the company in 2011. Matthew studied and completed Certificate III in Information Technology and has extensive IT knowledge. He completed work experience/placement in two Information Technology companies during his time at secondary school. Matthew has also studied and completed a Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Marketing and is currently undertaking an undergraduate Bachelor of Business via Charles Sturt University. Matthew obtained his High School Certificate from the Northern Beaches Secondary College in November 2009.
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