Mathew Slavica

Founder of Digital Stand, A Social Media Agency dedicated to helping brands engage meaningfully through social channels, and drive word of mouth marketing. www.digitalstand.com We do this for Brands, with Brands, or simply educate brands on how to do this. Digital and Social is about frictionless media, and creating content relevant to the social channel of choice. We can now measure everything online, and this means we now know what is working. Social Media provides instant feedback enabling a brand to respond accordingly. Digital and Social allow for the amplification of your message like no other channel. Every buying decision comes down to why would you buy from us? And aligning your purpose to this question is how you start to engage the right audience digitally. Our purpose is helping Brands tell their story and manage their Brand effectively through the right digital and social channels. We build a Brands audience, evangelists and revenue through digital and social enablement, consulting and management of the social landscape. If digital and social media engagement is part of your brand strategy you can reach me on social@digitalstand.com Specialties: Social Media, Social Media Management, Social Media Strategy, Social Listening, Social and Digital Strategy, Digital Sociology, Word of Mouth Marketing, Digital Policy Development, Digital and Social Team Establishment

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