Margaret Foley

IntelligenceBank is a rapidly growing Saas business headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2009, we have now have more than 200 clients throughout the world as well as offices in the US and Canada. We provide beautifully designed, easy to use business solutions - Online Board Portals, Knowledge Management, Digital Asset Management, Risk and Compliance Registers. We help businesses take manual processes, spreadsheets and chaotic shared drives into the Cloud to share, collaborate and digitise their workflows. Our clients include Government Departments, ASX200 Listed Companies, Not For Profit organisations from all industries and sizes. About Me Creative, curious, disruptive and daring. Strong leadership defined by integrity, honesty, vision and passion. Let's take the dream, and make it real. At my core, I'm a sales entrepreneur. Growing businesses into unchartered territory and beyond their limits is the reason I get out of bed each day. I believe in being extraordinary. I've found my passion and I love helping others to discover theirs.

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