Maggie Morgan

With over 25 years experience in the Advertising and Below-the-Line Industry I have built up a diversified portfolio from Cosmetics and Fragrances, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Charity Organisations to the national Pet & Animal Expos and Retirement Expos. Most of our clients we have had for over 20 years. Additionally we also premium source and it's amazing what great ideas you can develop for under $2.50!!! Being One On One. Tight Budgets With Even Tighter Deadlines We Love Them. Being a boutique agency/production house we pride ourselves on the ability to deliver on brief, on budget and on time. We’re small enough to fit into any marketing team offering 24/7 service which means that we’re responsive anytime, any day. Yet big enough to take on any challenge and deliver results. For over 25 years in the advertising and promotions industry, our aim has always been to be proactive, to be passionate and to produce effective campaigns big and small. Being One On One you work only with the directors of the company.

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