John Otto Ottinger

I learned to do what I do now—telling visual stories with marketing data—at National Geographic. Part of it was my job to so; the rest of it I learned from the great designers, illustrators, writers, and business executives that worked there. Today I’m the co-founder of two exciting companies that specialize in content and data (Curated Content & Datalabs), investing my time researching and designing visual systems and experiences for data that then become content for business people and everyday consumers. Content is data. Data is content. I say that a lot. I love the collision of visual design, data & analytics, & storytelling (see personal Venn diagram below). Great work by graphic designers, industrial designers, illustrators, animators, & user interaction (UI) designers makes me get out of bed in the morning. Visual art has always been important to me & is something I introduce into any endeavour I enter into. Now that the explosion of data is upon us, I've configured my skills to the burgeoning field of data visualization, specifically the visualization of so-called Big Data systems. Insightful & pretty data, however, is useless if it's not communicated well. Therefore, Datalabs has developed six new data visualization products, including data-driven Infographic Reports, Animated Data Videos, Digital Maps & Cartography, Interactive Annual Reports, Tableau Dashboards, & Interactive Data Visualizations. These new products, these new revenue streams are the future of content marketing & visual reporting. That's what Datalabs & Curated Content offer through our offices in Los Angeles and in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne). So if you’re an interested person in Datalabs or Curated Content, or simply an interesting person, someone willing to make the Herculean effort of hitting the ‘Connect’ button here on LinkedIn, please do so. Thanks.
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