John Dawson

I believe that being creative is about being the round hole in the square peg. I speak video and finance. I have worked at four radio stations and for two publishers. I have four YouTube Channels with 354 videos that have reached over 15.6 million views and have 94,031 subscribers (at 6 Nov 2014). I am an integral and highly valued member of the executive teams I work with. Currently working in a publishing business at an exciting time where the focus is on big data and transiting into the digital era. I am a FCPA and have been a CPA member for 25 years. I have been involved with the Perth start up community. I have a keen interest in digital advertising platforms. I believe that the role of the CPA in business has evolved; the expectation into the future reaches far beyond the back office functions and has moved to a position that is creative, shows great leadership, engagement with all aspects of business, and requires insightful forward thinking.

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