Jo-Anne Little

Combining my passion for marketing with my interest in all things nerdy and digital, I am quite stoked to be working in the arena of digital marketing. With over 12 years experience across a range of broad-based marketing activities, I have been honing my skills in the digital marketing space for the past five or so years. I am a logical and strategic thinker and have experience developing marketing strategies for various organisations and businesses. Having worked on a variety of B2B and retail brands, I gained valuable experience and skills in brand management, brand development and rebranding. I have managed a few different types of projects, including the creation of websites and digital systems. I enjoy the challenge of developing digital solutions for different target audiences that work to achieve specific business goals. I also have some pretty handy knowledge of SEO and SEM as well as social media strategies and tactics. As I began my career in an advertising agency, I have media planning and buying experience across most channels. Over my time in marketing I have been lucky enough to gather a broad range of experience in advertising and promotions as well as in developing, implementing and measuring an array of marketing campaigns. I enjoy communications and writing, both for the web as well as for more old-school, long-form media. Luckily I am fairly tech savvy and can also use Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

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