James Cooper

James is a passionate storyteller who believes filmed content can uplift, engage & inspire people to live bigger lives. He has 16 years global creative experience in the USA, England, Europe & Australia. As an award-winning Director/ Editor, Writer & Art Director he has created television commercials & brand films for Apple, Mercedes, Volvo, Ford, the Disney Channel, Headspace, Wieden+Kennedy, Travel Oregon, Visit California, Adidas & Stella McCartney. Early in his career he enjoyed success both as a hit songwriter & a record sleeve art director in London & Sydney creating work for hundreds of major label artists including David Bowie & Paul McCartney. James' illustration work was published in Taschen’s "Illustration Now! Vol. 3" compendium. As Creative Technologist in 2012 for Irish International BBDO James pioneered the use of early stage AR (Augmented Reality) technology on iPad for the national airline Aer Lingus & helped win the account back to the agency. All of this diverse experience in art direction, design, music & advertising led James into the storytelling content boom around 2013 seeing him go back to study pure story, screenwriting & directing in London. Now based in California he is founder of custom content company House of Cooper in Malibu. He's an active surfer, musician & a meditation teacher in training. Passionate about looking after the world's oceans he & his company are members of 1% for the Planet.

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