Eva McKenzie

I am a reliable, committed and enthusiastic employee with a strong knowledge of the media landscape and a passion for public relations. I am a very social person and absolutely love talking to people, naturally learning the importance of networking and establishing connections. I am a driven, motivated and a confident individual; someone who is always willing to go above and beyond and who is constantly striving to achieve their best. Currently working in corporate public relations, I am extremely excited about the prospect of continuing work in such a stimulating, fast-paced industry. Through regular employment, university, study abroad opportunities and internships I have developed a strong skill set and feel comfortable adapting to new environments and working as an individual or as a part of a team. I pride myself on my strong work ethics, self-motivation and commitment to achieving professional and personal goals. These attributes, along with my positive attitude have been vital to my career and study successes to date. I would describe myself as someone who goes the extra mile to achieve a high level of professionalism in all that I do.
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