Daniel Fisher

Since 2003, Daniel has been working with Applied Machinery. At first, the role was more business development focused, though since 2006 it has been in the postion of Marketing Manager. Key areas of emphasis include: Print - Concept development and overseeing design. Small, quick turnaround campaigns, along with larger, 150 page+ publications. Website - Content creation and design management. Strong focus on balancing user experience with effective, relevant, inobtrusive SEO across the entire site. Email - Running personlised targetted and mass campaigns.Carefully monitoring opens/ctr/unsubs and adjusting as needed. A/B testing on most campaign to ensure maximum effectiveness. SEO/SEM - Adwords campaign management internally, though now overseeing this externally as our requirements have grown and need to be outsourced. Blogging, press releases, strore fronts and comany profiles across numerous industry sites all with a focus on improving online visibility, brand awareness and ultimately eye on our site, phone calls and revenue. Tradeshows - Applied Machinery regularly exhibits at tradeshows across Australia. Daniel oversees planning for these events and associated pre-show and post-show campaigns. Social Media - Whilst the industry we work in may not be overly social-savvy, there is still a part for social to play in our overall mix. Consistent messages across social platforms help to increase our potential touch points with some of our market. We are constantly monitoring results & feedback and can adjust resources into these areas if need be. Daniel regularly colloborates with technical staff to ensure accurate and correct presentation of complex data, leading to effective marketing communication of sometimes highly technical information. Also, with a strong background in technology and IT infrastructure, Daniel has been managing the IT systems at Applied since 2003 and has overseen server upgrades and cloud migration.

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