Brianna Barrie

Brianna Barrie - Entrepreneur - Success Education - Business & Personal Development - Leadership I have been an entrepreneur since 2012, working in the sector of Success Education, specializing in leadership development. Our University Accredited Education and inspiring films are backed by a long list of distinctions and recognition. Our internationally award winning product line has been tested by over 50,000 individual users. We continue to work closely with individuals looking to further develop their leadership capabilities as well as corporations looking to get the best performance from their employees. If you are looking for a leadership development product to give you or your business that cutting edge, please reach out for an in-depth product demo. Or if you are in transition and someone who has a strong desire to make a difference in their direct community and around the world, while increasing your personal leadership and creating a solid additional income stream we'd love to hear from you. We seek individuals who are serious about creating a bigger and bolder future for themselves and others. Since 2012 we specialize in success education, utilizing principles such as the law of attraction, the law of prosperity, being at cause, understanding universal principles and more.

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