Brendon Sinclair

I'm the founder and CEO of Tailored Media, an ad and marketing agency for the modern age. I'm also the author of one of the most profitable business books by an Australian author (Winner of Best Book In The Internet Industry in 2004), wrote a marketing newsletter with 250,000 subscribers, had an ABC radio show and been Marketing Manager for public companies prior to starting our own agency. Tailored Media has been going close on 18 years and is a full service agency with a diverse, remarkably well credentialed and experienced team providing modern marketing from strategy development through to implementation. We work hard to delight clients and pride ourselves on delivering above and beyond expectations. We're good at that. Really good. We understand branding and the importance of standing out so that your business is perceived as remarkable. Our tight-knit team are results orientated and focus less on fancy bulls*** jargon and more on delivering work that gets you more business. That makes more sense to us. Our Tailored Web Services division has been established for close on 16 years. We take care of all your marketing and advertising needs from web site development, through to full digital marketing - with our specialities being online advertising, high Google rankings and social media.

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