Ben Motteram

In over 20 years of working directly with customers in the Telecommunications and IT industries and with the knowledge gleaned from a Bachelor of Business and an MBA I have come to the conclusion that there is one long term strategy that will consistently deliver sustainable, profitable growth: customer centricity. In today's hyperconnected world, customers can easily reference one another, can access more research than ever before and have a wealth of options available to them. Companies that do not truly care for their customers will not survive. I work with clients to help them grow by placing customers at the centre of everything they do. I design, implement, and operationalise customer experience solutions that drive positive business outcomes such as more engaged staff, better customer relationships, and higher profits. "The only sustainable competitive advantage a company can have is derived from the provision of an exceptional customer experience." cxpert.com.au Core skills: customer experience consulting, implementation of strategy, customer acquisition, customer retention, customer loyalty, feedback programs, employee engagement.
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