Asher Hunter

An experienced insights and strategy consultant with a proven track record working with Fortune 500 and ASX listed companies in America and Australia. I have worked with a broad range of companies to drive major business and marketing initiatives, including, Nestle, Colgate, General Mills, Danone, Mondelez, Merck, AB InBev, The Good Guys, Walgreens, Coles, Medibank, Commonwealth Bank, Tourism Queensland, Holden and Subaru. My experience with these organisations spans a number of business and marketing disciplines - new product development, brand and communication, customer experience mapping, shopper marketing and marketing ROI evaluation. The common thread throughout is a commitment to look at the problem through multiple lens’ and a willingness to challenge the status quo. I am driven by the desire to elevate the importance of deep consumer and customer understanding as a tool for shaping the way companies do business. The focus is always on the desired outcome and working back from there. This focus led me to work on a committee to transform the way insights are communicated to different stakeholders within client organisations. The initiative led to a new innovative ways of delivering insights - e.g. interactive digital displays, info graphics, video summaries and workshops. Ultimately resulting in increased client satisfaction and greater impact of insights within client organisations. As recognition for my achievements, I was awarded the 2012 ARF Great Mind award and was selected as the co-chair for the ARF shopper insights forum. I was invited to present at the GfK’s Annual Global Innovation Summit on the key principles of successful innovation. I recently returned to Australia after four years working in New York. I'm excited to be opening up a Melbourne office for an insights and marketing strategy firm.
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