Andres Lopez-Varela

With nine years experience in content, communications and marketing, I've developed a passion and interest in bringing engaging and captivating stories into the world in the most impacting way possible. My main area of interest has been using digital content to stimulate new business, promote customer retention and communicate brand story. My background in public relations has helped to develop a strong ability to not only create exciting digital content, but also ensure it is effective in achieving its objective. In order to consistently achieve positive results in this area, I have honed skills in the areas of video production, creative direction, digital production management, content strategy development, online content distribution, brand storytelling and content curation. This broad cross section of skills and experience has also given me perspective on the marketing and communications challenges for business in Australia. Working with organisations to create shifts in the way they communicate with their audiences, whether that be through content-based approaches or creation of new platforms in a digital environment, is what I enjoy the most about working in this field.

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