Andrea Hoymann

I’ve always been a big believer in the power of storytelling. Starting my career in journalism, it became clear for me early on that a well-told story has to be both informative and entertaining to help the reader learn something new and make sense of trends and happenings in a wider context. While the disruption of the media industry and the removal of traditional news outlets as gatekeepers has changed the way in which information is published and consumed, the fundamentals of great storytelling are still the same. I now help b2b companies develop and implement content and inbound marketing strategies that are aligned with their brand and talk to their target persona at every stage along the buyer journey. Apart from my love for a great yarn, I’m also a self-confessed spreadsheet geek. For our clients this means that the content creation process is directly linked to business outcomes and commercial goals, ensuring that every blog post and downloadable content offer is geared towards delivering results and moving prospects efficiently from one buying stage to the next. Specialties: content strategy, inbound strategy, persona profiling, copywriting, creative writing, content management, editing, CMS, relationship management, change management

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