Amanda Scott

Amanda BA LLB (Syd) CELTA (Cambridge) I'm a partner and founding member of Alias Studio Sydney. www.aliasstudiosydney.com I specialize in online video production/marketing, and am responsible for the development of various Alias Studio film, TV and online projects. Partner and Director of Communications Nanoapps Medical Inc Vancouver Canada www.nanoappsmedical.com/nanoapps-medical-inc-partnership-team/ http://www.nanoappsmedical.com/ Developing Meridiian. Thoughts and observations on the future of the aerospace industry and its marketing. By Jim Duffy (45 years in aviation and aerospace - FAA, Rockwell/NASA, Orbital) and Alias Studio Sydney My personal blog - (NSFW) : http://www.tantriclensblog.com/ I am also the curator of ‘tantriclens on tumblr’, one of the most popular tumblrs as well as Alias Studio Tumblr, Alias Architecture Erotica and a few others (!)... all devoted to great photographic imagery in this age of Instagram. Each has a massive worldwide following.

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