Aleks Witko

Currently working abroad on new projects. Previously leading design at 99designs, working on a variety of projects: from high-level design strategy, funnel optimization, through to building new products and leading the rebrand effort for the company. I'm a hands-on leader with a strong focus on delivering quality. I previously worked at IBM in an innovation department, consulting in the financial services and government sectors. I admire strong visions—determined teams or individuals who think far into the future and strategize how to get there by delivering value at each step of the way, adjusting course when necessary. It's a form of poetry to me and makes sense given my ENTJ personality type. I have rather diverse interests, so most problems fascinate me, but some that I find particularly interesting are in education, finance, real estate, online collaboration and transportation. Although I think it's important to spend a portion of my time pushing pixels, my secret power is articulating a product vision and inspiring teams. You can read about a few projects below and see some more pixels on dribbble—but, again, my best work is that which is invisible. "Work that is elegant and with focused intent—not a single touchpoint, word or pixel goes unjustified."

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