Alan Bish

Alan create's enthusiasm, empowers people, instills confidence and inspires people around him. Alan's vision is to work within the rules of the game and build the castle within, that exceeds the boundary walls which allows the infinite solutions to be made possible beyond expectations. Alan's personal mission "touch lives,awake the potential,work in partnership". Alan has for 40years been developing the skills that now accumulate to perform and be respected at the elite level. This has allowed him the vision and analytical skills,to see what cannot be seen by others. It is the passion that drives him to achieve great success exceeding beyond expectations within the non profit and commercial sector, by thinking outside the square with proactive initiative. Alan's entrepreneurial skills allows him the ability to understand business drivers and apply commercial acumen to translate strategic plans into operational practice. Identifying problems,finding solutions,to help sustain and grow non profit organisations,bringing together and creating partnerships between non profit and business sectors by introducing business practice to the non profit sector., is his speciality. Alan has been described as "extremely clever at seeing opportunities and matching the correct solution to create success" Rex Ellacott 29.06.11 Executive Director Northern Studio. Aus & NZ.

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