Ailing Huang

After graduating university with a bachelor degree in communications, majoring in information and media, I spent a year pursuing my passion in beauty and fashion, interning at IMG for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) as a digital marketing and communications assistant. My main responsibilities involved managing the digital assets (social media networks, global website and e-commerce website) in the lead up to MBFWA, and managing the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts during the Fashion Week event itself. To fulfil my desire for more experience in the industry and to quench my thirst for knowledge, I interned as a digital marketing and public relations assistant at Cav Con, a boutique PR agency. With direct exposure to world renowned beauty brands such as Sephora Australia, Shiseido and KMS, I was able to build upon my social media management and strategic planning skills in order to lead me to where I am today — at the Outdoor Media Association (OMA). As a marketing and office assistant at the OMA, I have revised our company's social media strategy and execution to ensure maximum audience engagement. I have managed each quarter's Creative Collection project from collating the submissions, to organising the judging panel, to sending full HTML eDM announcements of the winners to inform a database. I maintain our company's website to keep it up-to-date with the latest news, campaigns and research to ensure that the OMA is the primary resource for the Outdoor advertising industry.

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