Adolphus Blankson

I'm a seasoned Talent Acquisition Manager, sourcer and leader. I'm an expert in helping organisations acquire the best talent within their market, via social media, headhunting and other innovative techniques. My last role has been within business development where I helped create opportunities for our onsite staff to further their careers within the recruitment industry bringing on small business through to enterprise accounts and expanding the already vast footprint of the business, however I have also kept close to the operational side of the industry. Throughout my career I have worn many different hats, agency recruiter, internal recruiter, manager of small to large teams, trainer and project manager. My passion is sharing what I know with others and seeing them flourish within their careers. I have a unique ability in understanding business drivers and finding talent which aligns to this. Of my experience thus far I would say: • I’ve been successfully finding talent for companies my entire career • I pick up new technologies both recruitment specific and social media quickly (due to my degree in computer science) • I can adapt to pretty much any environment, worked within Finance, Insurance, Technology and Telecommunications industries and dealt with stakeholders across all job categories up to C-level • I love seeing my teams thrive and being promoted • Challenging people’s notions of what good talent looks like and creating diverse cultures gives me enjoyment • I inspire my teams to explore doing things differently • I have created strategy from starch but more importantly have learnt (from many mistakes) how to execute. • I'm calm under pressure Most of all I enjoy making new professional relationships, learning new things and sharing my views with others. Specialities: headhunting, sourcing, ATC systems, social media, people management, employee development, analytics, technology, sales

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