Adam Welch

Adam can be seen with his head up at industry events while the others have their heads down in their phones tweeting. It's a little bit different. Raised in Melbourne, Australia, he migrated to Sydney and hasn't looked back. He works in finance, but he's not a banker. Underpinning his motives is a love for understanding why brands do what they do. He appreciates that customer service reigns supreme and knows the importance of empowering customers by giving them information. He knows there's debate around 'who owns social media?', that the answer is both everyone and no one, and that it shouldn't sit within one particular function; marketing, PR and customer relations take note. Adam comes fully assembled, batteries included, and enjoys hard work: both the 'fun' and 'not-so-fun' kind. Read on. Specialties: Enterprise social media operations and technology, digital content strategy and campaign management, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, issues and crisis management, social media channel management, online customer service, copywriting.

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