Dettol, Band-Aid & Vegemite Named As Australia’s Most Trusted Brands

Dettol, Band-Aid & Vegemite Named As Australia’s Most Trusted Brands

In 2019, trust has never been a more important and valuable commodity and the annual list of Australia’s Most Trusted Brands has just been announced.

Dettol has claimed the overall top spot as the product Aussies place their faith in, while Vegemite has been named our most ‘iconic’ brand, and the Cancer Council is our most trusted charity organisation.

Appearing exclusively in Australian Reader’s Digest, the independently conducted 20th Anniversary Trusted Brands survey has polled a cross-section of more than 3,000 people.

From BBQs to breakfast food, and lawnmowers to tyres, the survey reveals our most trusted brands across more than 70 consumer categories (including topical sectors such as Aged Care/Retirement Villages, Property Developers and Airlines).

Australian Reader’s Digest editor-in-chief, Louise Waterson said: “The digital world is awash with fake news and social media tribes, which can make consumer trust hard to earn and maintain.

“But the value of being a trusted brand shouldn’t be ignored as it truly matters to consumers.”

Waterson continued: “Ultimately, trust is built on the traditional foundations of quality, consistency, honesty and delivering on your promise.

“Trust matters. So congratulations to those who have managed to earn it.

“They enjoy a hard-fought competitive advantage.”

Australia’s top 20 trusted brands:


1) Dettol                                               11) Weber

2) Band-Aid                                          12) Dyson

3) Vegemite                                         13) Cadbury

4) Qantas                                              14) Lindt

5) Betadine                                          15) Selleys

6) Energizer                                         16) Victa

7) Elastoplast                                       17) Finish

8) Panadol                                            18) Bega Cheese

9) Colgate                                             19) Mortein

10) Bunnings                                        20) Dulux

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    1. Seems like a strange list, how representative is this? I’d love to see a survey sample breakdown, surely it’s a very skewed population of an older demographic given the sample source.

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