Australia’s First-Ever Intent-Based AI Programmatic Media Buying Platform Arrives

Australia’s First-Ever Intent-Based AI Programmatic Media Buying Platform Arrives

Sqreem Technologies and marketing consultancy Beyond Intent have launched the first cognitive AI digital media platform in Australia and New Zealand.

Sqreem claims to be the world’s first media buying platform that uses cognitive AI to identify intent audience segments and automate buying and optimisation across all major digital channels.

The platform is GDPR compliant and collects billions of anonymous relevant data points across all available internet sources, incorporating them all into a single and coherent customer behavioural profile.

The result is a statistical measurement of population behaviour constructed from the context and intent of relevant customer purchase behaviours based on its client’s specific products, brands or services. At no time is PII collected or is association with a known person made.

Beyond Intent has been appointed as the exclusive reseller of Sqreem in Australia and New Zealand.

Aryeh Sternberg, co-founder of Beyond Intent, said: “GDPR just happened; however, it’s not enough to just ask customers to re-opt-in for untargeted wasteful messaging.

“The power of Sqreem’s massive intent insights of over 450,000 consumer behaviours and being able to automatically sync those to intent-based audience segments is what we know advertisers need, more importantly what consumers want.

“The behaviour data is anonymous and no individual is tagged; however, we have mapped over 50,000 consumer brands, so we know who wants what, when, and most importantly why they want it.”

Beyond Intent co-founder Brett Levy added: “If we can lower the cost of delivering ads to the right people when they have shown the intent to buy something through their behaviour, why not serve them what they’re looking for?”

Sqreem CEO Ian Chapman-Banks said: “We are behavioural data aggregators. Through forensic analysis of over three billion consumers worldwide, we have identified and extracted different segments and personalities to understand the path to purchase, their likes, interests, and activities.

“In other words, we deeply understand path to purchase and the products people are likely to buy based solely on behaviour.”

Sqreem is presently available in 60 countries in 16 different industries, including finance, insurance, education, real estate, automobiles and healthcare. It can also be applied to any industry including fast food delivery and infant milk formula.

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