BREAKING: Australia Wins Big At International Cheese Awards!

BREAKING: Australia Wins Big At International Cheese Awards!

Australian dairy company, Pure Dairy has been awarded first prize for “Best Australian Cheese – Cheddar – Mild” at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, United Kingdom.

The International Cheese Awards has grown to be the number one cheese and dairy show in the world, this year attracting 5,676 entries from 36 countries. Check out the excitement of the judging below:

Nantwich 2017

Adrian Josephson, managing director of Pure Dairy, was obvioulsy ecstatic about the result. “Over the past 12 months we have worked tirelessly to manufacture a world class cheddar cheese. Procuring high quality organic milk from Schulz Farms in Timboon, Western Victoria, then trucking our milk over to Beston Global Food Company in South Australia where we worked hand in hand with a fantastic cheese maker and his team.”

“Our now award-winning cheddar was a dream conceived by Shannon Bennett, the creative director of the Vue Group. Shannon came to Pure Dairy 18 months ago, with the desire of a world class cheddar cheese made using local organic milk that could be used at a young age on the burgers at his recently opened Benny Burger, through to the cheese trolley at his renowned fine dining restaurant Vue de Monde, once matured.”

Pure Dairy is a privately held, Australian based dairy company specialising in the sales and marketing of dairy goods. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of global and domestic dairy products, manufacturing systems and world market activity, which we love sharing with open minded dairy manufacturers looking for premium returns for their milk.

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